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Digital advertising management is an essential activity for companies wishing to promote themselves online and achieve their business objectives.

We at ITERA are specialized in increasing the performance of E-Commerce and Lead Generation.

With over 10 million euros of adv budget managed on major online channels, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest, we are able to provide our customers with acomprehensive experience and an unmatched level of expertise in the management of online advertising campaigns.

In each channel, we work for identify the target audience, define the most effective advertising strategy, create engaging advertisements and constantly monitor campaign performance. Furthermore, we make sure that the advertising campaigns are in line with the client's brand identity and that they are always updated and optimized to maximize results.

Each channel has its own peculiarities and the choice of one or more channels depends on the company's business objective and reference target.

For example, Facebook and Instagram are perfect for reaching a large and diverse audience, while LinkedIn is more suited to business-to-business targets. YouTube is ideal for video campaigns and TikTok is particularly suitable for the younger target group. Finally, Pinterest is a perfect channel for activities related to the world of furniture, fashion and beauty.

We are proud to be Google Partner, Meta Certified Media Buyer and LinkedIn Marketing Certified, which allows us to offer our customers the highest level of competence and efficiency in the management of advertising campaigns on these channels.

Our methodology is based on Performance Marketing It is on Growth Hacking, which allows us to accurately plot, conceive, experiment and build digital marketing campaigns able to strongly impact our customers in terms of turnover and profit growth.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in managing advertising campaigns on various channels, we are able to offer our customers an effective and personalized advertising strategy to achieve their business goals.

Our data-driven approach and the constant monitoring of performance allow us to constantly optimize campaigns for maximize return on investment.


Whether you have an e-commerce, a tech business or a company with a commercial network, we can help you grow by increasing turnover and profit.

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